July 8, 2019 Carlos A. Coriano

Autóktono Announces New Gastronomy Course: “Sustainable and Healthy Foundations of the Fish“

Autóktono is pleased to announce the launch AutóktonoCooks a new sustainable and healthy gastronomy education program in partnership with the National Chef Association of Costa Rica (Asociación Nacional de Chef de Costa Rica). AutóktonoCooks is Costa Rica’s first gastronomic education program aligned with the National Plan for Costa Rican Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy (Plan Nacional de la Gastronomía Costarricense Sostenible y Saludable).

The  first of a series of courses is titled Sustainable and Healthy Foundations of the Fish. The curriculum is developed and taught by Randy Siles, first Ambassador of the National Plan for Costa Rican Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy.  The course will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Friday, August 9th, 2019 at the National Chef Association of Costa Rica.

In his investigative journey for more than 10 years through cities, towns, ports and markets of different points of the world, Chef Randy Siles has collected information on the handling of fish from its capture to its final elaboration. Combining theory and practice with an experiential and interactive approach, Randy Siles presents an innovative didactic focused on sustainability, health and zero kilometer cooking to ensure a final product of optimum quality in aroma, flavor, color and texture.

For more information on AutóktonoCooks gastronomic education program and to register for the course, visit AutóktonoCooks.