June 26, 2019 Carlos A. Coriano

AUTÓKTONO PARTNERS: Hacienda Okhra by Georges Lefebvre

Meet Georges Lefebvre, the French restaurateur, entrepreneur and agriculturist behind the successful organic and sustainable farms Hacienda Okhra in Mal Pais and Hacienda Okhra en San Mateo. Autóktono is proud to work hand in hand with Hacienda Okhra to source all the organic ingredients that we use in our cooking programs, restaurants and events.



From Restaurateur to Agriculturist

Georges started his restaurateur career in New York City in the mid 80s where he founded the world-famous Parisian restaurant Bilboquet and the private bar Vingt-Deux. He also opened a series of famous cafes including Palallawest, Panino, Caffe Rosso and Il Baggote. In 1999, Georges relocated to Costa Rica and opened a Bilboquet restaurant in the city of San Jose.

Four years later, Georges wanted to combine his culinary knowledge with sustainable community food systems and decided to move to the hills of Las Delicias in Mal Pais on the Peninsula Nicoya Blue Zone. Set in 106 acres of lush tropical foliage, fertile soils, waterfalls and breathtaking panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, Hacienda Okhra was born.

Today, Hacienda Okhra is a sustainable community development offering private residences, nature and wellness activities, and an organic farm that takes center stage on its signature open-air, farm-to-table dinners offering majestic sunset views over the Pacific Ocean.




Hacienda Okhra Farms

Georges developed two farms – Hacienda Okhra Mal País y Hacienda Okhra San Mateo. They are all unique and cater to the type of yield they are producing. The farmers use a variety of techniques including indoor vertical growing systems, outdoor raised beds of all different sizes as well as growing directly in the ground. The growers use a combination of mediums including coconut fibers, natural compost from the farm, dirt from the ground, as well as the gardens compost and vermiposting systems.



The water is all gravity fed once it gets pumped up to a water tower that is drawing directly from a well. The system is designed as a natural reclamation system where all of the runoff flows directly into the outdoor gardens with any leftover ending up in the pond that feeds the well.

Hacienda Okhra Mal Pais grows, harvests and sells a wide variety of organic vegetables including mustard seeds, wasabi arugula, red romaine, kale, okra, tomatoes, edible flowers, and a rich variety of microgreens. The farm sells directly to consumers, restaurants and hotels.

Located in the district of San Mateo, at an elevation of 254 meters above sea level in coastal lowlands near the central Pacific coast, Hacienda Okhra San Mateo produces a significantly higher yield than its sister farm in Mal Pais including okra, radish, basil, and a wide variety of tomatoes, baby greens and microgreens. The farm sells directly to hotels, restaurants and customers in San José and Puntarenas.

For more information visit Hacienda Okhra



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