March 27, 2019 Carlos A. Coriano

Chef Ambassador Randy Siles Opens New Restaurant

Focused on Zero Kilometer Cooking, OS is a celebration of Costa Rica

Chef Randy Siles, first Ambassador of Costa Rica’s National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy opens the new ‘OS’ restaurant in Santa Teresa de Cóbano. Conceived by Siles, ‘OS’ (from Latin ōs which means “mouth”) is a celebration of the culture, gastronomy and authentic “Pura Vida” spirit of Costa Rica.

OS is the first restaurant in the Blue Zone presenting innovative cuisine with identity, under the philosophy of the National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy. Centered on the ‘Zero Kilometer’ gastronomy, Randy Siles Leandro’s ‘Author’s Cuisine’ evokes local, regional and national cultural roots and brings to the table native plants, artisanal products and local providers, international techniques, a strict quality standard on ingredients and a social commitment by exclusively hiring local talent.

‘OS’ is a celebration of Costa Rica: its culture, history, traditions, cuisine and gastronomy. Focused on the Zero Kilometer Cooking philosophy, we work hand in hand with our artisans, farmers, ranchers, fishermen and local providers. Our signature ‘Author’s Cuisine’ fuses the past, present and future where the strength of the indigenous exalts the art of sharing on the table and transmitting our rich culture. ‘OS’ is conscious cooking with identity and love – always respecting nature, the environment and health: we are ambassadors of the sustainable and healthy gastronomy, explains Siles.

Aligned with Siles’s philosophy, ‘OS’s’ theme, design, decoration and ambiance was directed and executed by Costa Rican interior designer Catrina Ilama. A warm and relaxed atmosphere combined with the “Pura Vida” vibe is complemented with artistic elements of indigenous spirit with pieces created by artisan Santos of the Boruca indigenous tribe on the South Pacific of Costa Rica, renowned for their masks painted in bright colors and carved in detail.

Designed and executed by Siles, ‘OS’s’ menu offers two degustation: one featuring ‘bocas’ (tapas plates) and the other ‘platos fuertes’ (main courses), using ingredients from ‘Zero Kilometer’ proximity on ​the Nicoya Peninsula, recognized among the five original ‘Blue Zones’ of the world.

Among the wide selection of mouths, Siles presents a selection of his specialties, which includes Ceviche Chucheca from the Nicoya Peninsula prepared with grilled fish scales and a pujagua corn foam from, braised Pulpo de Tambor with paprika served with poached croquettes and smoked chile aioli, sous vide pork belly au jus with coconut and apple puree infused with a lemon basil mojito. For the signature dish of the area, we find the ‘Blue Zone Salad’ prepared with local mango, pujagua corn from the Nicoya Peninsula, and local squash with a coconut water vinaigrette from our coast.

The selection of main courses includes sea and land delicacies such as the Tataki tuna served with baba ganoush and local tempura shrimp perfumed with truffle; fish and octopus ceviche prepared with a tiger’s milk made with turmeric, passion fruit and soy, grilled fish scales, and rice toasted with soy and chives, sirloin steak in a sake sauce served with potato croquettes and local spinach leaves from Hacienda Okhra in Mal País, and the grilled pasture-raised chicken served with noisette potatoes and a tarragon-bacon vinaigrette, grilled tomato and mushroom sauce.

The official inauguration of ‘OS’ took place on Saturday, March 23, 2019. ‘OS’ is located in the Kubiko International Design building, 300 meters north of the Mal País junction and has a capacity for 45 people spread across a wide dining area, bar and terrace. For more information, visit our Facebook page: OS Restaurante.